Photo Gallery

The photo gallery is managed according to the guidelines on this page. Questions about these guidelines may be directed to the photo gallery administrator or

Photos are selected by the photo gallery administrator from submissions made by club members. Selection criteria include relevance to the club mission, appropriateness of the subject matter, originality, image quality, and resource availability.

The gallery is initially organized around climbing areas and submissions are sought that showcase the beauty of these areas and show club members climbing in them. Over time, this organization will evolve depending on what photos are submitted and on feedback from members.

By submitting a photo, you authorize the club to reproduce that photo on this web site with resolution adjusted as required for thumbnail and gallery images. You may only submit photos if you are the copyright holder. If you took the photo, you are most likely the copyright holder, unless you sold the copyright to someone else. If you don't hold the copyright then don't submit the photo, even if you have other legal rights to the image.

Photo submissions should include the following:

1) The photo itself as either an image file or print (no slides at this time)
2) A short caption
3) A copyright statement
4) Location and date of the photo

You may include an email or web address in the caption or copyright text if you want viewers to be able to contact you about your photos.

If your photos are in digital format then email them as jpg or gif attachments to the photo gallery administrator. You may send high resolution images--they will be resized to meet resolution and storage requirements.

If you want to submit prints then you may send them to the club's mailing address or give them to the photo gallery administrator at one of the monthly meetings. If you want your prints returned, include a self-addressed stamped envelope and the prints will be returned as soon as they have been electronically scanned. Please note that the club and the photo gallery administrator cannot be responsible for lost or damaged photographs.

Cascades Mountaineers
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Bend, OR 97701

You will be notified when your photos are posted and you will be given an explanation for the rejection of any submission.

You may request that your photos be removed from the photo gallery by contacting the administrator. Note that photos may also be removed from the gallery by the adminstrator to make room for new submissions.