Photography is a great way to share our adventures with each other. This gallery is a collection of photos taken by club members in nearby alpine and rock climbing areas. For information on how this gallery is managed and for submitting photos for inclusion, see the submission guidelines. The photos include copyright notices--please respect the rights of the photographers.

The links on this page take you to collections of photos from particular areas. Each collection is on a page with a Photo Gallery logo in the upper left corner, a set of thumbnails along the left edge, and a larger image on the right side. When you click on a thumbnail (scrolling as needed if all the thumbnails don't fit in the window) a larger version of the selected image will be shown on the right. There are links above the large image labeled Prev, Start Slideshow, and Next. Use the Prev and Next links to move between images manually and use Start Slideshow to cycle through the images automatically (the link will change to Stop Slideshow). Clicking on the logo in the upper left corner will return you to this page. Note that you must have Java Script enabled for the slideshow to work.