Please be sure to include the basics in your report: who, what, when, where. If you have images you want to appear at particular places in your story, please indicate where in the text, and, if desired, captions for the images. If you have many images, they may appear as thumbnails from which the reader may link to the the larger size. We're trying to keep web pages consistent and fast across the site, so unless fonts are particularly important to you, keep it simple and assume that we will make it work with the site standard. Email your story as plain text or as an MS Word document attachment to the Webmaster. If you do not have access to email, mail your type-written report to the club's mailing address:

Cascades Mountaineers
16 NW Kansas
Bend, OR 97701


Send digital images as email attachments. If possible, reduce them to a size appropriate for web display, no more than 640x640 pixels, jpg or gif formats preferred. Keep the file names short, and without spaces or dashes: "/OutingReports/img1.jpg" is preferred to "/OutingReports/me___climbing_on_the_rime_ice_near_a_great_summit.jpg". Let any caption be explanatory. Images in print or slide form can be mailed for scanning to the club address (see above).

If you have any questions about submissions please inquire at: