Brent near summit of North Sister

NORTH SISTER CLIMB, April 20, 2002

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Brent with the bowling alley in background

Cascades Mountaineers Tom Michaelis and Brent McGregor joined up for twelve hours of adventure, anxious to get in the high country to shoot some pictures and enjoy the views. We were headed towards the summit of North Sister, agreeing to travel light and fast, and willing to turn back at any point either of us wanted to. We left the snowmobile at the Pole Creek trailhead, then snow shoed several miles following a compass bearing. Near the base of the Mountain, we replaced snowshoes and trekking poles for crampons and ice axes. Tom traversing the west side After a good deal of heavy breathing we reached the ridge. Now came the traverse on the west side towards the bowling alley. We were in a true alpine setting with the clouds rolling in and out hiding the summit, the most beautiful views, /OutingReports/0204NorthSister1/Tom.jpg and the exposure of being near the top. Tom led the way, which was fine with me, to our turn around point, a short distance from the bowling alley. We decided against a summit attempt at that time because it was getting late, we were tired, and the last 100 to 200 feet would be the most demanding climbing of the whole outing. We got the pictures, the views and exercise. The summit will be there for another climb.

North Sister's summit