Volunteers Install Rescue Litter at Smith Rocks

Reported by Allen Light

On Saturday March 30 a new rescue litter was installed at Rope-de-Dope (Smith Rock) by members of Cascades Mountaineers and the Oregon Section of the American Alpine Club. The project was funded by the AAC and sanctioned by the management of Smith Rock State Park. On site from the Cascades Mountaineers were Spurge Cochran, Roger Fox, Bob Speik, and Allen Light. Richard Bence, Bob McGowan, and Jeff Alzner attended from the AAC.

The project started last year when Jeff Alzner held a K2 slide show fund raiser at InClimb in Bend. The event was moderately attended, but raised over $600. The project work progressed quickly on Saturday thanks to the pre-planning and prep work by Bob Speik and David Slaight the day before when they bought the materials and made the project plans. Spurge impressed everyone with his carpentry skills when he stole the show in the assembly of the shelter. Despite the fact that the park is filled with large and interesting rocks, we managed to find a place for the post holes that was rock free!