Cate Hass climbs out of an Eliot Glacier Crevass on Mt. Hood

Summertime Alpine Ice Climbing

Eliot Glacier, Mt. Hood

Technical Climbing Weekend #4

Tom Herron leaping an Eliot Glacier crevass
  Talk about a leap of faith!
  Tom Herron setting a personal
  best in the long jump.

The trip to the Elliot Glacier on Mt. Hood’s north side over the weekend of August 4 & 5, 2001 was a smashing success (just ask Tom Herron). Some two dozen adventurous “tool tossers” used technical ice tools – not to be confused with ice axes – to climb the steep ice of the Eliot’s crevasse walls.

This is the closest one can get to “sport ice climbing”. On nice days in July or August you can climb in shorts and a T-shirt after using plenty of sunscreen.

Brent McGregor testing out new tools
Brent McGregor with new tools

We experienced mixed weather on Saturday but were blessed with absolutely perfect conditions on Sunday.

If you weren’t there you missed out on a fantastic experience.