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From the July 2003 Newsletter

The Presidentís Approach

The Scott Backes presentation on June 10th was terrific. Scott brought some great slides and his talk was one of the most thoughtful that I've heard--his messages about mentors and partners were inspiring and the story of his 60-hour alpine ascent of the Czech Direct route on McKinley was awesome.

This show also was a fun mountaineering community event. We had good attendance by club members and guests. We also had great participation by sponsors with interesting booths and lots of door prizes. Bend is lucky to have such great stores in the local area--without their generous support this show would not have happened.

This was the first paid speaker presentation the club has hosted. I believe it was successful in that everyone I've heard from was happy with Scottís presentation and, thankfully, the club managed to break even financially. We certainly learned a great deal about the logistics and costs involved in putting on this kind of event!

Brent McGregor and John Krog did a fantastic job and deserve thanks from all of us for planning and coordinating the show. I also want to thank the many volunteers who helped with the booths, ticket sales, raffle, etc. on the evening of the show.

I expect that the club will have other paid speaker events in the future--probably when we've had a chance to forget just how much effort this one took. I welcome any feedback on Scott's show and look forward to building on its success in the future.

Meanwhile, the summer climbing season is at hand and both club and personal outings are being scheduled. Hopefully we'll all find the enjoyment in the mountains that Scott talked about so well--with each of us dialing in the level of adventure that we are happy with.

See you outside!

Tom Merrow
2003 President