Cascades Mountaineers is the club for people who enjoy climbing and exploring the mountains of Central Oregon.


Our mission is to provide opportunities for members to climb together, share experiences with each other, and contribute to community projects that enhance mountaineering in Central Oregon.


Cascades Mountaineers is legally an Oregon "Mutual Benefit Non-Profit Corporation" with bylaws and a Board of Directors. Members can contribute to the club's success through participation in committees that are responsible for day-to-day activities.


We hold open meetings on the second Wednesday of each month. Most meetings include a minimal amount of club-related business (e.g., outing announcements) followed by a program of general interest to those who enjoy climbing and exploring the mountains. One meeting a year, usually in December, is dedicated to club business such as elections, budgets, committee reports, etc.


Cascades Mountaineers facilitates mountaineering outings organized and led by individual members. Outings may include hikes, scrambles on easier peaks, multi-day backpacking trips, and attempts on difficult mountains. Outing prospectuses are announced in the newsletter, on the web site, and at monthly meetings. Participants should review the prospectuses carefully and be sure they fully understand all the potential risks involved in the outing.

Community Projects

Cascades Mountaineers encourages participation in community projects. Many members participate in such activities as trail maintenance, litter clean-up, and volunteer support at local events.